Saturday, 22 May 2010

Write your own book!!

For a few years now , I have been interested in the idea of writing a book.
I approached a book publishing company named Athena (based in England) but did not get anywhere with them.  Then last year, I found this online book publishers called ( After signing up this website provides you with a free book-making software programme.   Basically, you get to have great creative control over what you put in your book.   I have just finished my second book with them and waiting for it to arrive in the post.
I have ideas of what my third book will be about; my son Ryan, or my dad. Or, maybe I should dedicate my book to my dad, who means so very much to me.
I'm no JK Rowling...though I can't help getting excited about writing, whether it is on my blog or my own creative book...
I detest literature in the traditional sense though. I always felt somewhat daunted when given a difficult essay topic to write about at university.
What is true though is I do like to express myself through words, and I guess that is just a good starting point as any!

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