Sunday, 21 December 2014

2014 pictures

Professional Photo shoot

More than 32 years friendship reunion - with my lifetime friend Mayling

It's Halloween!!!!

Sisterly Love

Abba tribute night - by the Bjorn Identity (13/12/14)

The Giro D'Italia came to N.Ireland this summer!!

My first time climbing to top of Cavehill with only one lung

My other half at Hazelbank by moonlight

My lovely son (top of Cavehill)

My son and mum

Halloween night!!!

Last family photo before Granny Violet's passing (taken in the nursing home)

 Fright night!

London Skyline (March 2014)

Hello Kitty department in Hamleys, London

Me meeting Yoda in London (March 2014)

Me at Buckingham Palace, London (March 2014)

Where has the time gone?

My my! So much has happened this year, I think it will take me at least 48 hours to update all the fine details! So briefly ...this is what happened:

My health has improved in 2014. I no longer become breathless after walking and I feel so much stronger overall.  It is so true when they say 'time is a healer'....

I started a new job, which although has it's good and bad days....suits me right down to the ground!  Overall I am happy in my job ( which is a very important factor for me for  job satisfaction).

My social life has improved.

My sister Eve who went through a painful separation from her husband is also much happier these days.

Pictures from 2014 to follow....