Monday, 5 September 2011

A brilliant result!!

I don't know if I ever posted an update on my Latin studies -  it actually slipped my mind.
On the 2nd August 2011 I received my results for 'Reading Classical Latin' with the OU.
I achieved a DISTINCTION (in other words I attained the highest mark possible), so 9 months of hard graft had finally paid off!!   I am over the moon and I now have the motivation and self confidence to move forward with my to anyone who never thought they could make their dreams come true, YOU CAN if you put your mind to it!  And, I believe that I WILL get my degree if I put MY mind to it!!

                          *                *                *                 *                 *                *

My sister moved house today, to the country. I will miss her but she has got her own life to live with three very active little boys to look after. I am happy for her yet sad that she is further away from us now....
Watch this space for some pictures soon!!

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