Wednesday, 20 July 2011

England trip

How are you all? Sorry for not updating this in a while, I have been busy, too busy....!
From the 10th to the 13th July my partner and I went over to Manchester for a little break. We took a train to Liverpool to see the Albert Dock, Cavern Club etc. - we even went on the hop on hop off bus tour around the city a good few times - before a whole crowd of noisy Italian school kids came onto the bus..   The Chinese Arch in Liverpool was stunning.....and the words on it (see below) simply mean 'Chinatown'.        Although this arch is the largest outside of China, I'd say I prefer the Chinatown in Manchester because simply there is a lot more to it.

The next day we took a half day trip to Stoke-on-trent by train. We were curious about the place and imagined this town to have a lot in it, instead we were quite disappointed, although I have to say there was a gorgeous park that had wonderful fountains in it that was relaxing to walk through.

Chinese Arch, Liverpool

Inside the Cavern Club, Liverpool

Facing the Cavern Club

Albert Dock

Hanley Park (Stoke-on-trent)

Hanley Park

Radio City Tower, Liverpool


The AfterCraft said...

I lived outside Manchester for a few years.. and I remember going to Liverpool and being SUPER disappointed by their "china town"

I am spoiled here in Victoria BC.

Jenny said...

I would agree..though the best one has got to be in London (UK wise). The mainland Britons are lucky, I live in N.Ireland and there isn't even a Chinatown as such.