Friday, 21 May 2010

Woohoo, roll on the weekend!

My little nephews are growing so fast apparently. It's been a few weeks since I last visited them. I applaud my sister for all the hard work she is doing.  (I'm sure she is exhausted)  As traditionally, twins are 'double trouble'.  
I have got myself another couple of penpals : one girl who is from Malaysia and another from France.
The PenpalsNow website is pretty word of advice for anyone submitting personal info on penpal websites :  DON'T include your postal address. I learnt from the mistake of putting my address on one site and all I seem to get is letters from prisoners. I am still getting them - eight years after placing the original adverts.  There is only one place for them - the DUSTBIN.

Just read in the paper Boyzone star Ronan Keating is to split from his wife because of an affair he had.
Why do people do things like that?   It's a sad thing to happen.  I myself was involved in a relationship with a guy who didn't quite know the meaning of the word fidelity.   But that's another blog.

Also, is it me, or are we having more humid weather than  usual?   I live in N.Ireland and even in the summer time, the weather is quite mild.   Temperatures are as high as 19 C today!

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Your friend Görel said...

It is most certainly double joy too having twins I think and then they´ll always have someone to play with! Time flies, it´s ununderstable :-( Infidelity can have many causes; if you have been married for a very long time perhaps you hate getting older (like me) and want to feel the passion again and feel wanted. It´s not always easy to get older....but I think too many couples divorce too easy without fighting for their marriage properly, especially when they have children who will suffer and be shipped as parcles after the divorce between their dad and mum.