Friday, 21 May 2010

Ryan's sleeping....finally, he drifted off after a long day ...

I decluttered his room, cleaned it out...then organised his toy box and book shelf.  He has more books than I have had in my entire life, SCARY!

It feels so good to declutter and clean up: I mean it really does make you feel a lot better. In a mental way and emotionally, it is such a liberating feeling.  Sort of out with the old, and in with the new.

I'd made it a rule to learn a little bit of Spanish each evening.
Twenty minutes - that's all.   I want to do it. Languages to me are easy.  My aim is to learn enough to be able to understand the basics, so I can order food at a restaurant or ask where the toilet is.    C'est vrai.  Je dois le faire.

The film 'The Shepherd' is on the small screen.  My other half is engrossed.    It's about drug dealers, lots of violence thrown in, blackmail etc... I cannot for the life of me understand why films like these fascinate the male species!     He fast forwards through the adverts....gripping the remote like it was his lifeline.

Has anyone ever read the book by John Gray, entitled 'Men are from Mars, women are from Venus'?     In it, John describes the fundamental differences between the male and female human species.  His theories make sense.  Read this book if you are in a relationship!  It may even improve it.    I find much of this book makes a lot of sense, like the theory that females tend to be more into communication, whereas men, like to keep their feelings hidden...and are not so into 'sharing' that way.   
I first read this book after an ex bought me it a long time ago.  He gave it to me after we split up.  Actually he was my first boyfriend.  He knew what the word 'romance' meant.   One Valentine's Day he sent a bunch of a dozen red roses to my workplace.   I loved them SO much, that I still had them weeks after they wilted. 

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