Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The latest.....

Well we managed to get that piece of furniture  for my study - a 7 feet tall bookcase that came as a flatpack and took us 30 minutes to put together.   Luckily I checked the instructions leaflet, and followed it through.   A bookcase is simple enough...(don't think I could've built anything else in double that time).

Disaster!   My mother found out about her birthday surprise tonight and she wasn't a happy bunny.
Normally people when they find out they're getting a surprise party would be overjoyed , no not my mum.
Actually she is a very private person although she is easy going and laid back in her personality, she is also a workaholic.     The surprise was , in fact,  arranged by my step dad & sister,  who paid for flights for my uncle, auntie from Hong Kong to come to the UK, and also for some relatives to fly over from England.   To cut a long story short I could see why my step dad and sis were doing this (to show my mum they care and also maybe to show her she needs to take a break) but I guess it was also sort of going against my mum's will - as she'd specified that she didn't want any 'big parties' with this upcoming birthday being her 60th.
She'd suspected something like this may happen - I felt trapped in the middle.  But I hope my mum is alright 'bout it & sees sense.  My granny's ashes are waiting to be taken back to HK and this would be the perfect opportunity for my uncle & auntie to do so.  The ashes are currently at my mum's.
Talking about the deceased/all matters related to death,  I have been thinking of writing a will. Not that I have a huge estate but nobody is 'guaranteed tomorrow'  and although I'm not even 40 , I am realistic and know that anything could happen.   To be truthful, I don't want my savings going to the government or bank when it could go to my partner and son. So, I emailed a solicitor yesterday to find out more about it.


Michelle said...

Awww...I hope your mom comes around and decides to let you all do many special things for her birthday! I hope she can just realize how loved she is by her family!!

Your son is a cutie!!! Looks like he had a great Christmas!!

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Jenny said...

Thank you Michelle
best wishes!