Thursday, 13 January 2011

Surprise 60th coming up....

My mum is fast approaching 60 years of age and I must say she looks more like 45 most of the time..
My step dad , sisters and I have arranged a surprise for her on her special day...I won't say what it is 'cos I don't want her to find out as some friends/relatives might be reading this blog. What I can't wait is to see the look on her face when she gets it....anyhow I am looking forward to that day.   She deserves a bit of spoiling.

Two nights ago my son had a fever. He has been off school for two days but is a lot lot better now.  He has got most of his energy back.  I hate seeing him sick.  You worry as a parent, especially when things like swine flu are on the forefront of the news, I tend to panic even more and imagine the worst.   Those who know me well would define me as a worrier!!     I guess that is my job as a parent!   
We are going to B & Q tonight; to look for a sideboard/cupboard type unit for our study.   I have decided to declutter and see if anybody will buy my cross-trainer.    It has been sitting in our spare room since we moved to this house a year and three months ago...I'm a strong believer in the practicality of things and if something can't be used it has to go!

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