Saturday, 12 June 2010

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I had a lovely birthday yesterday , and got spoilt with so many presents. 36 sounds old but it isn't really (unless you are a 6 year old)!
My boyfriend got me a big box of The Body Shop well as a silver earring and necklace set and he accompanied me to my favourite Dim Sum restaurant for lunch - I was well chuffed.
I had been inundated with birthday wishes from family and friends and received some nice gifts including...
a Chinese tea set, a decorative teapot set, a Sat nav system for my car, a fresh bouquet of flowers, personalised items from my favourite sister Yvonne, as well as chocolate, other jewellery and money..... I feel so lucky that I have friends and family that care about me....

This week I had volunteered to do two extra shifts at the charity shop. Audrey, the main worker there was in hospital and will be absent all of next week also....(she happens to be the wife of last year's Mayor of Newtownabbey..)
I really like my job there.

On Monday I am going to get two new front tyres fitted to my wee motor. It went for a service recently and the engineer recommended it. Cars cost a lot of money to maintain I can safely say that!

We are headed to my cousin's again tonight for an outdoor barbeque party.   I must admit I haven't been to one in years.

Ryan's new teacher when he starts primary school is Miss McDonald.  His new uniform is a yellow polo shirt with a sweatshirt worn on top, both with the Abbot's Cross emblem on the right breast.       Exciting stuff!

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Your friend Görel said...

Oh dear; HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my dear friend!!! I am so glad that they all celebrated you properly. You really deserve that. I miss your mails. Hopefully your barbeque will be a success, here it rains cats and dogs :-(( Once again; my warmest CONGRATULATIONS!!! And what a handsome young man your son will be going to school then!