Sunday, 20 June 2010

King of the Castle

My little son turned 4 is 7.45 pm and I am exhausted.   
We all went to Bangor, Co.Down for a day out with Ryan and my step dad since it is Father's day too.....the weekly car boot sale was on so we had a browse there.   Next stop was the kiddies park and Pickie Puffer train ride which my son enjoyed thoroughly.    Next stop after that, a spot of shopping.  For once I was wise with my spending.      By the time we had got home it was 3.30 pm.

*                 *                 *               *                 *         

We are just relaxing now, can't believe how much my feet are aching from the day out today.
Ryan is also loving the toys he got for his birthday....books, clothes, you can see from the picture he looks like he is ...king of the castle!!!

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